Coloured Pencil

"Bee on thrift"

"Equus Quagga"

"Tintern Abbey"

I was using coloured pencils before I discovered pastel pencils because they gave me even more control and detail than using the pastels available at the time.

Artists' coloured pencils have improved greatly over the years and now most brands are
very soft and light fast.

I use the same technique as I do with pastels relying on overlaying colours to get a sense of depth.

I usually use a hot pressed (very smooth) watercolour paper or pastel paper both of which allow layering and the brightness of colour to
show through.

But the problem with using soft pencils, particularly on on textured paper, is that the texture wears them down quickly and you spend as much time sharpening as you do working!

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"Lullingstone Poppies"

"May Hill"

My first animal portraits were done in pastels. At that time I mainly used the large soft pastels and simple pastel papers such as Canson or Ingres. Later on I discovered pastel pencils.

These are still soft 'chalks' but are encased in wood so that they can be sharpened to allow for a lot more detail.

I also started experimenting with the wide variety of pastel surfaces such as glasspaper and sandpaper, Art Spectrum and Pastelmat.

All of these allow me to apply many layers of colour onto the paper so that my pictures have a greater depth to them.

[ All prices are for mounted originals. Postage & packaging £10 in the UK only. ]

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